The Dana Vaughn Depenbrock Brewing Co.
Cincinnati, Oh

Quick pictorial summary of all grain brewing
The Mash:
Lautering:Seperating the sweet wort from the mash.
The Sparging Process:Rinsing of the grain bed to extract the sugars from the grain.
The Boil:The wort is boiled and hops are added.
Hot Water Tank.
Brew Pot
Lauter tun
Fermenting Carboy
Sparging Arm
Malted Barley
Adding water to the Mash Tun.
Adding malted barlet to the water
Adding flaked rice to the water
Stirring the mash
The mash
The guts of the lauter tun
The lauter tun
Adding the mash to the lauter tun
Adding the sparging arm
Sparging arm
Collecting the wort
The boil to begin
Adding the hops
The boil
Cooling the wort:The boiled wort is ran through a heat exchanger
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