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The Dana Vaughn Depenbrock Brewing Co.
Cincinnati, Oh

Well let's see.......where do we want to start?
There are many books, articles, and websites on brewing and all are very informative but most are very confusing and leave you very overwhelmed with all the information they are throwing at you. I know I personally have wanted to say the hell with it many times and just go buy the beers I want to drink. But then I would get the bug again and decide to try it again. My last go round I thought "why isn't there something out there for people like me who has ADD, OCD, and every other acronym wrapped up in one body, something simple for now till I get the hang of it". Well that's what this site is all about, I'm going to do my best to help you through the brewing process without being overwhelmed and frustrated. Pictures, pictures and more pictures........
For those of you that have the luxury of a homebrew supply shop close by I suggest you take advantage of their tools. Most of the supply shops have brewing starting kits. These kits are great for the first time brewer. They have simple step by step instructions to follow and they actually can make some pretty good brews. Once you get your feet wet with the kits you'll soon be getting the urge to try your luck at all grain brewing.
So lets get started!
In order to accomplish all grain brewing, you need a bit more equipment than your standard equipment when extract brewing. Once you get acquainted with the process you can build on your equipment, but for now we are just going to discuss the stuff needed to get started.